1. Be careful with your money
2. Drink bottled water
3. Do not show or flash your money in public
4. Don't wear too much gold that will attract attention
5. Try not to take too much luggage with you; you can find what you need
6. Don't eat too much if you are not used to spicy food
8. Always carry a handkerchief
9. Beware of scams and touts
10. Wear a cap to avoid the heat on your head
11. Always wash your hands before you have your food
12. Get more understanding where you are and about the local place
13. Just be safe and watch out if someone is being too friendly
14. Don't eat or drink anything any one gives you while travelling, it may not be safe
15. Keep your suitcases locked at all times. This is not to say that everyone are thieves but who knows opportunists might be lurking around
16. Remember photography in many places is not allowed such as airports, sensitive controversial religious places
17. When entering shrines and temples remove your shoes. Some temples prohibit the entry of leather goods such as belts and leather wallets
18. Wear sunglasses, look cool and keep the extreme sunlight out of your eye
19. Carry your own medication
20. Never accept a free ride from anyone, use relevant transport
21. Keep money in various pockets so that if you get pick pocketed in one then you'll have money in the other
23. Be careful with your hand luggage, snatching do occur
23. Note the emergency phone numbers are: police (100), ambulance (102 or the nearest hospital), medical and fire emergency (101)
24. A copy of any Nationalised ID card (Aadhar Card/Voter Id/Driving License/Pan Card/Passport) should be provided at the time of journey